Well this year seems to be flying past I haven’t had much time to do more than upload the photos of the children’s activities and I am a little behind with that but we are having the year from hell my health has been a serious issue lately and unfortunately not improving to much we have been to hell and back with our lettings agents no matter how nice neat and tidy our house in it is not good enough and the landlord is still demanding inspections every 2 minutes which is making health issues worse with the stress of it all along with this there is also the face that bathroom radiator has completely rusted now and kitchen sink now has no cold water flow at all. Honestly I have had about all I can take from this dump of a house so we are looking to move but need to save up enough to do so and have one major sort out first so aiming for this time next year but I want out now.

We are looking into schools near where we want to move to and my hope is to flexi school Jessica. Thomas doesn’t want to go back to school at all but I think he needs a bit more socialisation and I never thought I would say this but with his ADHD not being controlled due to hospital error he has become one little bully so after 14 months of battling with dr Lwin to get him to see Tom again let alone try and admit that there are other options to Ritalin is stupid but if we move we will have the choice of the hospital in bath so maybe they will be better but I don’t know what to do in truth I feel a little lost in it all and with Duncan working so hard and coming home so late and tired I feel alone for the first time it feels like I have to do it alone.

I am exhausted both physically and emotionally but there will be light at the end of the tunnel we just need to decide what is best then get on with it so much for the move here 3 years ago nearly being our last. But when we move this time it we actually know what we don’t want which is a first in france we converted a shell into the home we needed but here we have been moving into places due to rushed moves not due to need or want well this time it will be the right house at the right time! In the mean time I will just have to grin and bear it when it comes to Bassets I have demanded a new inspector and told Bassets I will not be allowing Ian into our home ever again and hopefully they will take our complaint giants h seriously this time around but doubt it.

Oh well time to get on with it now the children are awaiting breakfast and we have a day of tidying, maths and reading on our plates today I am hoping to have them a tutor soon just waiting to hear back from her so fingers crossed they could have her starting in a couple of weeks so things are looking up I am just sick of Bassets and the landlord pulling me back down again :0(

Chin up and carry on lots to do little time to do it :0)