Well after a late nightwear managed to get ourselves up and going to be in Nursling (Southampton) for 10 am for Thomas’ building a bird house project with daddy.

The boys did a great job and Thomas loved every minute of doing something constructive with his daddy :0)

While the boys did that I took the girls to Go Outdoors where we looked at Bikes for Jessica she picked the one she wanted and Emily tried out as many as she could get onto and we still had a little time so we had a quick look around the tents (which entertained them no end so much in fact it was hard to tear them away to pick the boys up lol)

When we got there they weren’t quiet finished so we had a little look around the shop and to my horror Emily found the display toilets and was adament she needed peepee luckily she had the hand holder on so i managed to stop her and a member of staff directed us quickly to the public loos before she tested the non plumbed in display loos lol (much to my horror apparently it Is very common and very few mums manage to stop their child from using them the poor staff)

Anyway after this we went home and Danny came around and we sat down to watch the opening ceremony although I fell asleep quiet quickly and missed it again lol.