well today was all fun and games as I had a really bad asthma attack which left Thomas Calling 999 for help. I was so proud of him he was so grown up he called 999 stayed on the line while they asked him questions and he put the dog out so she was out the way and then very quickly the first ambulance made it and he answered the door (after checking her credentials via the letter box lol) and then entertained his sisters phoned his daddy and then when daddy was unable to help he diverted him along the emergency call list to his Nana who wasn’t at home so went on to granny who was also out then finally to auntie Helen he was so good Emily didn’t leave my side she spent the whole time stroking my arm bless her and Jessica packed a change bag just encase it was needed.


Luckily for me and everyone else it wasn’t after a slight overdose of my inhalers cause my heart to show signs of problems and a spray of angina spray everything slowly calmed down and we managed to come to an agreement that the practice doctor on call would come out later that evening to ensure I was ok and I was to eat something to raise my sugar levels and not do anything until I was checked out and put back on steroids the next day.


Thomas actually loved the whole thing he was really watching the different equipment they used and  asked when he could about what the different things where for and was a little rock bless him he didn’t once panic and managed to control his normally overly excitable behaviour when he did get a little worried he took himself off to check Jessica (who hide from the dining room and wouldn’t come in at all I think she was very worried).


so all in all it was a wash out of a day Duncan made it home as soon as a van came back at his disposal and in the mean time the doctor had come out and I had done the children some dinner and duncan was home to run the baths and take over the bedtime routine and I was forced into spending the rest of the day on the sofa and wasn’t allowed to move till morning but for most probably the only time in my life I didnt actually complain or moan I just caught my breath back and got some sleep.