Well today has been a no school work day! We got up and the children played with their hamsters and had breakfast (mummy woke up late so hamsters were still out when they woke up at 7am).

Jessica had Gymnastics and I had a doctors appointment today so we knew we wouldn’t have time to get started beforehand so they did their animals and morning chores then they sat and watched Science on Science and 2 Leonardos (a CBBC programme about Leonardo De Vinci not really factual but they like it).

Then we got ready to go and drop Jessica off and go on to the doctors.

After the doctors we Popped into the Library (we haven’t actually been there much this year as this was one of the few times we actually caught it when is was open I think I am naturally cursed as every time we have found time to pop in recently they have been closed due to one problem or other lol)

Anyway we got out a selection of books did a little research on William Shakespeare and found a book which may tell us more about what britain was like and what was going on during William Shakespeare’s lifetime and also a book of Romeo and Juliet.

We also got out an audio book of Mr Gum and the goblins, Thomas picked up a Dr Who book, Emily picked Red Riding Hood and a Magic Kitten book for Jessica.

We then raced back to the sport center in time to watch Jessica have her first go at doing an arch.




We then came home and had some lunch and sat and played skylanders until tea time (mummy has a very bad tooth ache but without actually having a dentist to go to and not being able to afford it even if we did I decided to take some paracetamol and crash for the afternoon)