Today we pottered about around the house getting ready for the weekend the children aren’t doing school work at the moment as we never do between their Birthdays so it makes it kind of hard to report on anything as nothing really happens (normally we would all be getting excited about a family holiday or camping trip but again with the price hike for the “Olympics” it was all put out of our price range and to be honest we arent too fussed to be going anywhere this year anyway as there has been so much to do what with Olympics, Golden Jubilees and everything else that has come about this year there has been plenty to do close to home).


So anyway we popped into town for a couple of hours and picked up the stuff for the joint Birthday Cake (costing mummy a fortune lol) we paid a few bills and generally did as much as we could as quick as we could before heading back home again to cool down with Icepoles and cold drinks, the children played in the garden a while before it got too hot outside so they came and retreated inwards to play on Skylanders for a little while, they played Monopoly once, and bouncing Tigger a few times, they read a book and played on Thomas’ computer looking up Skylander Giants lol.


they played with their toys and generally behaved like kids lol.