Well kids didnt do any school work (shopping day!) and Anakin now has a new cage after the lil soo and so chewed his way out of the one we brought him a few weeks a go I took it back and they exchanged it for one like nutmegs instead so they are both in metal cages now.

I have to say I love days like today we decided as we sat down to do some school work this afternoon to
Find that while I was poorly the children hadn’t quiet got things away where they belonged that it might be worth getting back on track before starting up for the new year fully so we cleared junk cupboard one and found lots of things to ooh and arrh over (you know Oooh that where that’s been hiding and arghh that’s why the batteries keep falling out of that remote the cover to them was dumped in here etc lol And tomorrow we are hitting the understates cupboard and under Jessica’s bed DUN DUN DUN!!!)

Ha ha anyway it was great Jessica found her beads (which in all honesty weren’t so much missing as shoved in the cupboard to be forgotten, after a certain grand parent decided to give DD1 a big bag of mini beads! You know the sort that even the most careful person in the world is likily to end up with them all over the house for ever more) Anyway said beads are now safely organised into one of Jessica’s pots (all sorted into sizes) and Thomas made bracelet for Jo and Jessica started one for Chris (yes it is that time again nearly time to see Jo and from now till Christmas everything they make will be for Jo and Chris lol)

Poor Jo if Thomas and Jessica had their way their whole flat would be full of letters, drawings, scrap models and pretty much everything else they make (ha ha a bit like ours).

After the children went to bed and I finally sat down I started to ponder what direction to take the children’s newest topic and how best to get them to understand the differences between not only the words but also the type of life they describe (Thomas has been interested in poems and also writing his own plays so I thought it was the perfect time to crack open the subject of William Shakespeare). Honestly this is the best part of home educating is some random comment triggers an idea which just grows and ends up something amazing (be it Olympic lapbooks, a giant solar System on three dining room wall, filming our own version of we’re going on a bear hunt or even creating our own de Vinci chairs)

I love it for me there is nothing better than sitting down and finding out as much as I can about a subject, person, time or place and then translating that knowledge into something fun for the kids! Knowing all the while they are eager to find out more too and now watching Thomas go off and use his computer to investigate what interests him so what it’s DC and MARVEL comics or Skylander Giants he’s learning to use the computer to
Find the information he requires.

I really do love starting new projects and going over old ones too :0)

Anyway I had better go to sleep now night x x