Well woke up phoned doctors got appointment for 2 pm so we did toms school work wrapped up as it was bitterly cold out wrapped dog up and walked down the road picking up a new PS 3 game on route someone was selling on the fb selling page for our area.

We got there about 1 pm so went to the library first renewed Romeo and Juliet and they had a book sale going on and Thomas had a few pennies left so out of everything on offer he picked up the cd book of great expectations (and is now on Disc 3 of 16!) and we then went into the doctors (still a good 50 minutes early lol but to our surprise the doctor came out to check i hadn’t come early as really ill and i explained i didn’t know how long it would take tom to walk down the hill and she said did we want to go through so saw her early! So we got my prescriptions and walked to the pharmacy put them in and headed to the pet shop where Tom brought charmy some treats and we wasted some time looking at the fish before heading to pick up my prescriptions and walk back up the hill.

By time we got home Tom was shattered and sat and played his computer game and I joined him.

Daddy picked up fish and chips for dinner and we all crashed on the sofa before all heading to bed about 8pm lol