Well an other day spent finding our feet after the new antibiotics pounded me we acquired very little today we went food shopping continued with the washing and did some reading and flash cards mummy died on the sofa quietly as Tom and jess discovered their new Skylander world and Emily spent the day in her room listening to little Einstein’s musical maths while playing with her puppet theatre occasionally nudging me to watch her performance of puppets as the mummy puppet nursed the baby puppet well with mummy’s special drink (in our house that is honey and lemon and the reason we are all rarely ill first sign of ill people and we have one a day and it generally does keep the doctor away although not really any use on Ecoli poisoning lol

And way all equating to an early night all round and me updating the blog quiet happily 5 (well three posts on 6:16) am still not there yet but one more easy day I hope will get me better :0)