Today was a rather sad one for us as over the gap in communication with the blog we came to the decision we had to rehome the hamsters as my asthma has plummeted to the point of dangerous we decided we couldn’t keep them.

After this evening part of me wished we hadn’t decided this and carried on regardless and just upped my medication as jess cried herself to sleep worried if her little nutmeg was scared, I thought they were doing so well Thomas had been moody when they were first told but when he found out where they were going they both got all excited knowing they would still see them and happy they were going to a friends house.

Charlene came an the kids where over the moon at their new pets and jess backed off and disappeared that was the first sign then she got quieter and quieter.

She soon settled again and played with her friends and when Charlene left jess sat on the sofa watching Tom play a game she was quieter in the bath and after settling Emily I asked her what was wrong and she asked if the hamsters went because she was naughty? I explained again that they had to go because they were making mummy poorly and she seemed ok worried about if nutmeg would be scared but I told her he will be fine as she had made her cage out so nicely for her.

Come up to give them a kiss goodnight and she was sobbing away in her bed because she would miss and my heart sank my poor little girl her first pet she has never moaned about feeding,cleaning out, changing water, handled daily exercised daily did everything right and mummy had to give it away! How cruel is that :0(

Anyway I thought I had soothed her with the thought of a new Zui Zui hamster and the thought of seeing nutmeg soon but checked her just a little while ago and her pillow was damp she had cried herself to sleep she has put on such a brave face all day bless her.

So one mummy feeling absolutely awful after being the reason my little girl cried herself to sleep, I think she knew I didn’t want to see them go nearly as much as she did sigh they will be missed the first animals I have ever had to rehome and couldn’t keep their whole lives :0(