Today was Thomas’ hospital appointment. After hours of waiting around costing me a fortune in parking charges and what for nothing much a whole wasted day really as it turns out that our concerns about his paleness since being on the tablets are just him growing up!

So yet again we wait an other 6 months to see him to have to pay an extortionate parking charge for nothing! What is the point of these appointment if they have no real interest in finding out why my son has problems going to the toilet! (It wasn’t even mentioned this time and we were waved out before i could bring it up!) i have everything crossed that when we move i can have him moved to Bath hospital for his paediatrician appointments.

Looking on the bright side he has an appointment with an OT and they were always better than Doctor Lwin (who if you have a choice ask for someone else!! He’s rubbish). So roll on 28th February 2013