Well today jessica made some more cakes (in practise for her stall on the first testing flavours) and some sausage rolls and after our sunday roast we all went to see friends where jess jack and Thomas played on the computer together Had pizza, sausage rolls, chocolate biscuits, cake and drinks of pop for tea.

We didn’t end up leaving until late 8pm but the kids had a really good time (and makes up for the lack of groups at the moment it is nice to finally find some friends close by where both kids and parents get along)


Today we will be doing jessica’s sewing and maybe looking at a house later but we will have to see i have been a little lack over past few months but last year was so full on i think we have all needed it after easter we are dropping everything and we are going to concentrate on lil moos reading skills i think after this terms confidence boosting it will be what she needs