Ok i haven’t posted this week because we have been very busy (hopefully all can be revealed soon) but we have been busily preparing for a HUGE life changing event :0) (but until we have it all done and dusted its staying under my hat and stoom!) but heres a few pictures of what we have done.

Visited friends making the most of the wiltshire and hampshire half terms (on different weeks!)

Poorly baby who rudely kept kicking both hubby and I out of bed by star fishing lol.



A belated Shrove Tuesday Jessica did it all by herself :0)



Exploration and photography of the lovely countryside :0)

(Also card board sledge building, sewing and fabric shopping ingredients shopping ready for the first and much much more.

No school work though (well hoping all will be explained on a post later as until we know for certain i dont want to say too much!)