This day was an other Sans written work but this was a planned formal work free day as it was our seasonal trip for clothes and shoes with Nana.

I had a Taggy to finish first thing before a little girl woke up as I had promised her it would be done once she woke I couldn’t very well let her down.



The children each have set amounts for them to spend on each thing (£30 shoes each, £20 shorts, £15 tops, £10 PJs this time) and we go shopping until they have picked their choices and spent their money and then once they have brought their bits we headed back to nanas for the heat of the day.

Once it had cooled a little and the children had seen Uncle Andrew and had dinner and tea we headed home heading first to the Pick you own fruit farm collecting these goodies


Which once home soon became these:


Very nice indeed after that the children were packed off to bed and we followed shortly after.