We didn’t actually do much today I really don’t know where the day went the sports Day knocked the children so fat out of whack the didn’t wake until 10:45am so by then most of the day was dome with then next door required some help with translation so we made some smoothies and the children played there for a while before we had to get daddy his lunch and pick up emily’s sleep monitor.



We then came home and checked it was fully functional before loading the car and trotting off to mother in laws.

The plan was for the children to do their school work at mother once we arrived but as the 90 minute drive took nearly 4 hours due to a beep actually this beep


Driving from warminster to andover at 5 MPH yes quiet literally 5MPH and the traffic (and a lane closure) prevented overtaking then we hit traffic jam after traffic jam and it soon became the road trip from hell but we survived and when we did get there I left the children playing while I started on a promise and started to hand stitch Emily a Taggy


It is made from all her favourite tags off our clothes.

That was about all we did this day.