Well today was a normalish day with the heat the children’s bed times are out of control I am determined to bring them back to their proper stance as we are all a little moody lol

Today they caught up with last weeks work missed during sports day and the days travelling to and from mothers (will actually take pictures tomorrow completely forgot today :0S)

Anyway we then did the normal lunch run to hubby and headed home for an indoor picnic (was too hot outside) and jessica did a little sewing, Thomas created this:


And Emily practised sewing in her pushchair lol (will take pics of both and add them tomorrow)

We all jumped in the pool shortly after that and I made an attempt to start sorting the garage (managed to clear the hay off the floor at the very least lol)

So a pretty easy day all around really the heat dis prevent us doing too much :0/ a nice breeze would be very welcomed for tomorrow please Mrs mother nature :0)

Emily’s ABCD work (My writing is in purple and orange and hopefully stands out compared to Emmies)