Well Jessica’s school experience was short lived she is out again and back where she belongs and all my hard work to build her confidence up has been squashed (again!) so she has come out shy and reserved again which is a little heart breaking but we will fight through it again.

Her school experience was useful as it brought to light some missed subjects so I have called in the cavalry and been on the hunt for a home tutor who can help us start a fresh and hoping to spend 6 months or so going over phonics maths and grammar helping guide me through an order of teaching and hopefully fill some of the holes they have in these areas.

Thomas is doing trampolining, Jessica is doing brownies and I am hoping to add Kickboxing into the mix as well and then they are both part of a local Youth Club as well now so hopefully before long we will have a decent local friends network again but honestly what a year I am pleased to say we survived 2013 and now just hoping 2014 has much better things in store for us than 2013 did.

Neighbours seem to have disappeared which is great no being blocked in or rampaging children whenever the sun is out. We have a few mammoth tasks ahead of us including a big clear out and re organisation mainly brought on by Decembers lack of electric and heat but fingers crossed the water seems to be at bay and staying out of the house now although the weekend interruptions from the letting agents without prior arrangement has to stop still haven’t heard anything from them but thinking while Duncan is off a trip to speak face to face maybe in order to straighten things out.

On the whole we are trying to get to grips with everything again and recover from what was an abysmal year all around. Determined more than ever that this year will be better we will find a way to get to France and we will get things sorted there, I am truly hoping 2014 will be a year for closure finally being able to put the past where it belongs and a fresh new start to a stress free life (well as stress free as life ever gets)