(Edit 2021: This was created when Emily started Home ed with us 6/7 years ago.) 

Emily is now starting to be catered for into our Home education Journey. Therefore we are now back to phonics.  It is also the start of a new educational Journey. Here are the links I am using to Help Emily learn to read using Phonics.

I am also having Thomas and Jessica to help Emily with them. I am hoping it will improve their phonetics. Thomas can read absolutely fine but he’s never been a phonetic reader. Jessica can read but is a slow reader so I am hoping it will help them both too.

They are helping Emily, while without knowing it improving themselves all in one go.

Free Printable Worksheets:

Kizphonics – Limited Supply of Free Phonetic materials but well worth looking at especially if like me you make your own Worksheets.
Teaching Ideas – Free Phonetic Worksheets
Jolly Phonics – These are all really good We are also working through the Jolly Phonics Grammar books.
ESL Printable – You can get a few Jolly phonics bits here including access some flashcards.
Reading Eggs – they have a 30 day free trial which is worth having a go at Emily Didn’t get on with it but we tried it.

Edit 2021: Emily learned to read and flew through phonics after an assessment that showed she was Dyslexic and with Jolly phonics and the Nessy Programme on her Ipad.

We also used these from Education.com 
Guided Lessons