Wow an other tiring day in the brown household but lots of yummy treats cooked for the kids.

The game of trying to make a home is still going on into month 11 (well 2 if you exclude the months of madness, hospital stays, sleepless nights watching Emily, then the madness of school followed by a wet and powerless Christmas and new year and it looks like our new start (started on our wedding anniversary) has hit a hurdle but I am determined to keep jumping regardless! Tonight should be the start of a week with hubby but unfortunately he has to work :0( such is life.

So undeterred I have had to spend the day cooking up a storm to make his weeks worth of lunch stuff all in one day (argh) lol

So on this weeks menu we have

Oaty Cookies


Triple choc tray bake

Now all I need to do is the mince pies tomorrow and chocolate coat oat biscuits and bake some more (we have a few guests coming this week), make some bread rolls to go with our lunchtime soup, cook the lamb, finish the ironing and finish putting my kitchen to right Hoover whole house and do a trip to charity shop then will be almost done all at the same time as recovering blends with the children tomorrow they are going to be given paper pencil and blue tack and they have to label the blends in the items around the house CH in chair for instant and I have baked this lovely pie

To use to look into percentages (cut and label each percentage take a picture which will then be printed and posted on the wall somewhere :0)

Anyway my bed time now