ok so I know it has been a long while but honestly so much has happened in 2013 I really don’t know where it has gone between getting locked out of our new house! and replacing laptops, months in hospital with youngest, Jessica starting school, loosing lights then electric over Christmas and New Years, then Jessica coming back to home ed again. I have just about had to reset everything lol (my new years revolution is to to and remember my passwords ha ha ha ha) Anyway so to catch you up with the changes Jessica is coming back out of school and I am trying to get my head around this really rubbish Windows 8 operating system but we are all well and truly back into the swing of things on the home ed front and we are now all set to get back in the saddle :0)

We have a new tutor lined up (after a year without one or guidance I dread to think how long kids will take to catch up to where we were but hey go joys of home ed :0) got to love it) anyway he seems lovely and I have a really good feeling about this one (unlike the last 6 who have all be given a heave ho for hidden for first few weeks anti home ed tendencies!) this one has home edders in his family so fingers crossed he will be just what the doctor ordered)

We are finding a home in this vast clutter filled house and I am slowly sorting our vast amount of clutter (if this is how much we have acquired in our 11 years of marriage 14 years of partnership I am starting to see how mother in law and mum ended up so bogged down with clutter! Lol

We are also growing up in the house as Thomas goes from preschool toy dump to amazing Big Pre teen into adult hood Bedroom complete with a Kingsize bed!


We still need a wardrobe for both bedrooms and Jess and Emily will be swapping over once we manage to get a double mattress for what will be her bed Emily will then go on top bunk and she is getting a little chefs bedroom (pics to follow working progress!)

We seem to have acquired a few trains in our room!



Not sure how or when that happened but I suppose it is hubby’s room too lol

Feels nice to be finally settling in even if it has taken a year nearly I am looking forward to this up coming year :0)