Well Emily has been poorly this week so missed her last week at nursery before east holidays which was a real shame but she was happy enough sat up and did some work with her big sister in her big girl book (boy is she going to be a sponge egar to learn I love it it’s going to be hard work keeping her in things to do!

Jessica and Thomas have done really well this week too both actually completed 2 weeks worth of English and science so looks like next week is going to be all Maths and history.

Jessica is still working on her little pigs house but it is slowly coming along it is going to take a while though as she is filling in the walls and roof but one side is starting to take shape.

I think that’s about it nothing really to tell they have played with friends, taken daddy to the dentist and learned about what having a filling really means, they have been to youth club and trampolining, we are off to a pamper party over the weekend where Thomas will join the older boys playing mine craft, Jessica will be with the mummy’s learning about skin care and make up while us mummies get shoulder and head massages and the daddy’s will be ran tagged by their cute but mischievous munchkins and rug rats while hopefully should the weather permit nurturing the BBQ if not they will probably resort to Spongebob squarepants for the little one and talking some sort of waffle till we are done lol.

It was nice to get back into a normal week this week between Big Bang fares, scans and belly upsets we haven’t had a normal week the best part of March.