This coming week we are going to try a new root with our home education we have had a long break due to a holiday and the planning of the holiday so we get back to things and we are trying something new this fortnight.

so I have picked a book I know the children enjoy the book is called funnybones and was a childhood favourite of mine and soon became the same for my three children after finding the book in a box in mother in laws attic so I thought what a great way to pull them back into getting used to sitting down and keeping focus than via such a great book!

ok so areas of focus in this book are as follows:

Learning Goals:
Rhyming words: learning to recognise the Rhyming words within the storey
Past and present tense- using some bone shapes I plan to get the children to match past and present tense words by joining the bones together
Syllables: hand them a bag of bones with different words in all written on bones them cut into the words syllables within the one bone and have the children Jigsaw them together reinforcing the work we have been doing in syllables.

Bones in the body
Learning goals being:
What are bones?
What are bones made of?
How many bones do we have?
Are all bones the same?
What do they do? what would we look like without them?

Drawing bones
Making moving Funnybone characters
X-Ray Playdough and cotton wool characters
Where do our bones go (drawing around the children handing them sheets of bones to cut out and place over their own outlines)

I have wondered through Pinterest and found a selection of activities to do the link is HERE

I also used these sites:
(Link below) a great site with great teaching ideas some I hadn’t though of as well as useful links for each idea

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