I have added this information because It is something I have mentioned and although most people have heard of it very few know what it actually is.

Emily Contracted this in my womb and as I was already Vaccinated the Virus didn’t take hold completely until she was out and I was advised to stop Breast feeding (although even breast feeding she was snufflerly but it was just like a cold really).

She got it When Salisbury hospital decided to put me a pregnant woman next to a foreigner with suspected Whopping Cough something that has not been found in Wiltshire for over 20 years since the last case which is why I had so much hassle getting Emily Diagnosed and by time they did it was too late to treat they just had to wait it out and deal with the symptoms of it.

For Emily she got very congested and stuggled to breath stopped eating and kept getting blue in the face and limp the doctors at the terrible Barcroft Practise in Amesbury saw her 2 times a week for 9 weeks before she stopped breathing and when I got her breath back took her to the hospital where she was kept in until she was well enough to come home.

after her first stay in hospital we had an open invitation to return and she did several times before she was completely well again and we very quickly changed doctors after the hospital had said if it hadn’t been from the advice I followed from my mum and mother inlaw she would have certainly died and well not everyone has someone to turn to to ask for help so I am sort of grateful it happened to my little girl and she servived it