Today the children had a great day they were so well behaved we got the usual done first thing then they sat and did their school work and I had a quick tidy up and a whip around with the hoover while they watched horrible Histories.

Jessica then made lunch for everyone and then they played on their DS and watch TV in the afternoon We then found as many of Thomas LEGO bricks as possible (as the big box was put in the attic for a mass sleepover and hadn’t been returned to its stop under Emily’s bed we had to use the small box and those odd ones that hide for months until you find them by treading on them lol) and we discussed how would be best to build a wall (i.e stacking one on top of other, over lapping them, using the same size using different sizes) then we had a look at some photo’s of┬áHadrian’s wall and decided they used different sizes so we are going to build our own Hadrian’s Wall tomorrow when daddy’s home to get the bricks out of the attic.