Well what a day this was started early (5am ????) to open presents with daddy before he disappeared to work.

Then the birthday breakfast and the normal day to day showering cleaning teeth getting dressed etc.

Then off we shot to Longleat to meet Santa ???????? 

Then we had to rush back to the car to make it to Trampolining and Leilah did them proud and completely spoilt them.

They had the whole place to themselves and got to try everythingturns out tom is quite good at the rings

Emily got to try Jessica’s favourite the uneven bars

Of course the trampoline too

Uneven bars some more

They all had an amazing time.

Then of course it was time for Birthday treat KFC for dinner.

Home just in time to play for a while until daddy got home.

Then they finally got to look at and play with santas presents.

Emily stuffed and we quickly sewed her build your own bear from santa.

Jess did a scrapbook page in her scrapbook from santa.

And we all played toms very funny and great fun game from santa.

It was then time for bed and she went to bed smiling from ear to ear over the moon.