Well today was an odd one after our shopping failed to show up yesterday (someone forgot to complete check out process ????) we had to go shopping this morning before anyone could eat thanks to the lack of milk, bread, eggs and anything else that constitutes food ????.

So naturally trying to get the kids to engage after they “nearly froze to death!!!” (Their words) was next to impossible To get them to do much so after car was unloaded they all disappeared upstairs reamerging only once they were so wrapped in fleeces they looked like multicoloured aliens and then plunked themselves down on the sofa to watch the Funny show (Fresh Prince of Bel-air)!

So once it was all cleared away I rudely sat down and turned over Told them breakfast was on the kitchen side ????

There they found 2 tubes of croissants and 1 pain au raisin tube.

They quickly set about reading through the instructions and washing their hands they got out Tins and lined them Jess happily being mother hen and setting the oven and a timer, making sure the right sheets were used and emily happily rolling up the croissants jess had cut for her while jess helped tom roll the trickier pain au raisins.

Anyway 20 minutes later (and a kitchen that resembled a demolition site) out come tom and jess (emily got bored after being caught trying to eat the Dough!) with a plate full of buttered croissants and 6 pain au raisins.

Unfortunately all was gone before I could even take a snap but they were very nice ????