They say moving is the most stressful part of life well I disagree moving family members is harder.

I have awesome in laws (I have probably mentioned them in the past) and they are moving down to us which is absolutely awesome but unfortunately the price we have for a house at this moment and the time we have to find one the size we need is ridiculous as soon as we find one it’s sold!
They are worried, we are worried and brother in law hasn’t done much to help the worry due to his own circumstances too which has all added to their worries so we have ended up with 5 stressed out adults ????.

On a better note though we have finally been graced with a response from Carrie ignore you and your complaints Fannell and emily is being sent for assessment for autism which is a plus right on the day my friend I was hoping would come with me for it is moving ????.

Other than the gripes we are still plodding on we are still working with BBC bitesize revision tests at the moment and kids are doing exceptionally well at it emily is still using sheets based on their pre planned lessons for her age and we are still doing animals.

Longleat opening up again this week has helped they went and spent a couple of hours there yesterday blowing off steam.