Emily is now in her 2nd year of home ed adventures so I have made her this Fun filled Activity Folder to introduce her to independent learning.

This folder was made in 2014 for Emily (Then coming up to 5 years old) unfortunately the only pictures and videos I had were made to show a friend before sending it to her and Weren’t great. But hopefully give you an idea of how the book works.

Fun filled Independent learning Maths section.

A page from Emily's Maths Folder showing numbers to 40 with the heading I can trace my numbers to 40!
I have done this trace sheet to encourage her to practice Writing her numbers

The Maths section of the folder included these pages:

  • I can Trace My Number to 40
  • I can say my numbers to 40
  • Swans and a pond Numbers to 10
  • Trees and Apples Numbers to 20
  • Tree and Leaves Numbers to 30
  • 1 – 10 Matching numbers to their written words
  • 1 – 10 counting numbers
  • Making Numbers 1 -10 using dice pictures
  • Colours Match colours with their written word
  • Melon pips to 10
  • Counting fingers to 10
  • I know my numbers (matching with words)
  • Shape Matching
  • Matching Shapes and colours
  • Identifying Shapes with their names.
This page is about practicing making up her numbers and aides with number families depending on how used
This one helps her learn to write and recognise the written words for colours.

These colours didn’t all print well and some of the colours didn’t come out well so until we can get a new toner for the laser she will be missing a few I will draw ones in the mean time.

Fun filled Activity Folder English section

The English Section has the following pages:

  • Gr, Pr & Tr Making Words
  • Ch th & sh Making Words
  • in ch & ck Making Words
  • ll & ss Making Words
  • short ‘e’ Making Words
  • Making Words with Short ‘a’
  • Word Matching
  • 1st page I can complete Sentences
  • 2nd page I can complete Sentences
  • 3rd page I can complete Sentences
  • Making words with missing vowels
  • Making 3 letter words (for example cat, mat, bat and hat)
  • I know my sounds Matching pictures with their sounds
  • Summer Seasons matching, the months and activities for each season
  • Autumn Seasons matching
  • Winter Seasons matching
  • Spring Seasons matching
  • copy and Trace my Families names
  • Trace pangrams
  • Days of the week write or match
  • Days of the week ordering write or stick
  • Months of the year write or stick
  • Months of the year ordering write or stick
  • Alphabet Practice both Capital and lowercase letters a -z copy and trace
  • I can write numbers copy and trace 1 – 10
A quick look through the activity folder.

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