Today is one of the kids favourite days as big fans of pancakes tom and Emily were in their element and although jess doesn’t eat pancakes she loves making them.

The after mast of pancake day ????
today we met up with Clare and the kids all had their pancakes together and made a huge mess in the process Thomas also had an other surprise as he walked away with his very own turtle too his named it Kaiyo which is Japanese for ocean and Kaiyo (K E yo) is happily settled back into his tanks and swimming around generally enjoying life.

Tank all set up and ready to have Kaiyo added to it.

Finally added in and exploring his tank

A few hours after arriving and he’s all settled as if he’s always lived here, strangely enough our kitten Garfield isn’t interested in the slightest thankfully.

Kaiyo we believe is a musk turtle who my friend Clare saved from death when she found out that its first owner had brought it for her child and when her child got bored just stopped feeding it the previous owner had also left him entirely in water so his shell had gone very soft but Clare took him on and sought help on how to care for him and what he needs and now a year later he’s come to us for a permanent home. Thomas will be spending time tomorrow learning all about how to care for him and working out how much its going to cost to give him some nice bits in his tank some plants to hide in etc.