Today has been a busy day, we started the day as normal breakfast sorting the dogs and cat we checked on Kaiyo who was a little hungry and happily took his food from our hands.

you see we are feeding him by hand to acustom him to hands being a good thing so he will become happier with interactions so should he need medical treatment he will be happy with being held.

He is so beautiful we are hoping to be able to clean his shell soon but want him to settle first anyway after feeding Kaiyo and the dogs, cat and naturally the kids we togged up and headed to Cheeky, Hannah Cheeky’s owner was running late so Jessica Groomed him and rugged him and Emily mucked out his stable, they both put in his hay nets then Emily lead him back into his stable, Hannah made it and did his water then left to take her little one home again the kids loved it and Hannah has welcomed their help on a weekly basis so every Wednesday morning they are going to be going to look after cheeky next week they will be having a look at his tack. Hannah truely has been amazing.

Anyway after finishing cheeky we headed home again and Thomas phoned nana as promised so she could come and see his surprise (Kaiyo) and while he told them all about him(/her as we don’t really know which Kaiyo is yet) i did as much housework as i could while Jessica ran up everyones lunches. we then let the dogs out again before piling in the car and dropping Duncan his lunch and going onto longleat to meet up with some friends.when we got there we decided to buy pizza all together as it was absolutely pouring it down so we ordered some pizzas and after a quick chat with customer services was provided somewhere dry to eat them after all 9 children and 5 adults had eaten we headed out to the bat caves then to the adventure castle for a further 2 hours.

we were there 3 hours in total before the kids started to get a little too cold and we decided to head home, well actually we didnt we headed to the aquatic shop (acres Supply garden center and aquatics) to find out as much as we can from the amazingly helpful staff there (honestly we have used their advice for our fish in the past and we highly recommend them) anyway we managed to answer all our questions bar one i forgot to ask and brought our new family member a new heater for his tank and then we headed home.When we got in we found Kaiyo basking out of the water on his ledge such a relief to see him enjoying a little time out of the water. When he saw us he seemed so happy and after lifting his head up to say hello he leaped back in the water and swam to where his food was next to his tank (we took that as a I’m hungry lol)He repaid the kids for the full belly by swimming onto their handsThen Jessica practiced her photography (all the pictures on here since the we got home bit were taken by Jessica) she practiced by taking loads of pictures of Kaiyo and the dogs.

oh and i nearly forgot jessica brought Kaiyo some bloodworm which they gave him he loved it

anyway then Thomas made dinner for the kids (pasta bake and chips) and by time Duncan came home the kids were ready for bed gave their normal good night cuddles Then we prepared for a valentines evening of takeaway and a good film by a warm fire, the kids went to bed early to listen to story books before bed and an hour after going up went to sleep its now nearly bedtime the film has almost finished and the end to a lovely if somewhat very busy day.