Well what a day, talking about a great British panic, All over a few days of snow. I will admit I was thankful we had the sense to cancelled Paul based on the weather predictions and the flurry we got yesterday.

This morning Thursday 1st March 2018 it was clear these small light flakes aren’t amounting to much or lasting would soon be a problem.

They soon became bigger and started to lay so like sensible people we checked supplies and decided we needed bread, milk and soap powder.

A great British panic

Well, in typical British style, as happens whenever the weather is expected to grind the UK to a halt. Us Brits have this habit where everyone starts to panic buy. For some this had started days before as by lunchtime we ran out of soap powder, bread and milk as our Ocado order was lacking them due to others last minute panic.

So we were out in search for enough for a few days.

Making the most of clear roads and hoping the shops would be quiet. Emily and I headed out to get some. Unfortunately modern society sees the chance of 2 days of snow and decide they need 20X than they really need leaving others with none. We had a hard time, but eventually found soap powder and some milk. Not enough for more than 2 days but enough if we will just watch our rations. No bread but we have ingredients to make that.

Snowing, snowing, snowing

Anyway, by mid day the snow was coming down very hard and fast and our garden was becoming more and more white. As the snow started to lay the kids set about gathering it up to make a snow cat.

As the day went on and those around us continued the great British panic, the kids pulled out the sleigh.

By time Duncan had to come home he had to walk most of the way. The snow was so thick our poor little car had become completely stranded in Morrisons during Duncan’s route home.

There was a foot of snow by 7pm when the kids went to bed. By our bed time as shown in photo we had 18 inches.

Next day Duncan had to walk to work to try and get his last few stranded vans into the depot from the car park outside. However, due to kids I couldn’t get to work so we ended up having a second snow day.