Well today Friday 2nd February 2018 was another day of white stuff (snow). It was much colder but that didn’t stop the kids from going out and enjoying the snow.

As I was off work due to the white stuff, so I used the time to continue my spring clean while the kids took turns on the sleigh and Jessica and poppy dog spend the day whole day out there only coming in to swap gloves and boots for the ones which had been drying by the fire or on the radiators.

I spent most of the day keeping the fire going to ensure the house was nice and warm for when everyone came in

Jessica started to build an igloo, their snow cat from the day before was well and truly lost in the new layers of snow, poor benny refused to leave the house where as poppy wouldn’t come in. Turns out she fancies herself as a husky thoroughly enjoying being the kids sleigh dog!

So the day went on kids wore themselves out and all went to bed early. Duncan came home very early as it started to snow again and he was and we chilled all afternoon.