Illness has struck!

So tom, Duncan and I weren’t feeling too hot all week but thought it was more just over tired than I’ll but after an early night last night and waking up today we knew it was more than just being over tired.

I was ghost white with big black bags I had to actually put make up on, Duncan and tom were both pale and aching too and even jess was starting to cough along with the rest of us.

So Duncan and I plodded on to toms college meeting (went well) then headed home, by now I had a major migraine and headed straight to bed setting myself an alarm for bennys grooming first, and Duncan also made himself a hole on the sofa and dug in for some rest.

Duncan woke me in time to get to bennys grooming appointment and once home again we pretty much all eat and then went to bed to sleep.

so much for all our well laid plans of a wonderful week of family fun and sorting some stuff out.