Today girls had their friend Mia over (Mia is Emilys friend but she also likes to play with jess as Jessica likes to teach them new things like cake making or in the case of today making and icing using Jessica’s Cricut cake edition

They had great fun and made cupcakes as well as a large cake.

This was the finished big cake we had hoped to take pictures once it was cut as it was a rainbow cake but unfortunately our fat dog poppy in typical beagle manner cant be trusted around food and i took my eyes off the ball (or in this case the cake) and while i was welcoming nana and grandad she was up on the table and scoffing it down!

This was one of the little cakes

and some of their other cakes in the background ( the kids were responsible for them not lasting long enough for pictures lol) and some of the other shapes they cut out using Jessica’s machine.