Well it certainly is nice to be back!

So we unfortunately had a few issues I had maxed out my WordPress Photo Allowance! So our blog went down until my Techie sorted the issue by deciding to host my blog elsewhere. Unfortunately in doing so a lot of the photo’s were compromised so I am going to have to go through all my old posts!

Anyway off he went and he took all my posts and moved them to their new home.

So I am please to be back. Here’s whats been missed!

Water Cycle project:

The children have completed this, Emily fell in love with a youtube video (This one!) and watched it for 2 weeks straight! after that we were quite pleased to move on. Well all of us except Emily!

Warminster Camera Club.

My Jessica has joined a Camera club and is preparing for her first contest! for this she has to prepare a talk about her work with the other members. I am so proud being an adult club they haven’t had a child before but have accepted us with open arms. They truly are a fantastic group of people and she has loved every meeting.
Below are some of her shots with working with light and dark


They have also completed their first camp alone in a woods near Basingstoke.
Boy did it rain and rain. But the kids all took in in their stride and didn’t let the rain spoil their fun.

They did this with their cousin Fletcher and a couple of fletchers friends. Myself and Shelley over saw their endeavour’s from our nice cosy tent.
By time we left the site it really was more of a quagmire than camp site but they packed up and took care of it all with smiles on their faces.

New Project: Animals of Longleat.

We are now well into our new years big topic. The children have all chosen their own animals to learn about. we have so far learned all about their lowland Gorilla Niko with Thomas, their Sea lions With Emily and their Zebras with Jessica.

They have now moved on Anteaters (Emily), Red Panda’s (Jessica) and Thomas was determined to do Turtles. Once we got to Longleat, he quickly realised they were hibernating. So he will do them in a few months when they come out of hibernation instead.

He couldn’t decide on a new one that trip so we are going this weekend so he can pick a new animal instead.

Posing in between the sunflowers @Bristol Zoo

They have nearly completed their map of Europe. So we will be moving on and learning about the other continents, oceans and seas. and we are putting together a large wall display of them and we are looking at where the animals they have chosen come from in the wild. They are also looking to find where their chosen Animals can be found in captivity. I have added this to not just incorporate geography but also then getting them to look into how zoos and wildlife parks are helping endangered animals. It has helped them see how breeding programmes have been used to even bring animals back from being extinct in the wild.

Biology: Human Digestive System

They are all also looking into the human digestion system between now and Christmas.