This year we continue our completely Homemade Christmas presents for the 7th year running. However we added our own little twist on it this year by deciding to do it as Eco friendly as possible this year excluding plastic from our gifts.

We have decided on Two separate gift bags one for the Girls and one for the boys. As all our lovely ladies in our lives deserve a little pampering with our youngest niece now been an older teen now so we decided to do pampering packs for them. Our boys all have sweet teeth so we decided to do them snack packs.

In total we had 18 pampering packs and 12 snack packs to make.

The most expensive outlay was for the pampering packs at £60 to buy all the essential oils, Vitamin E oil, butter’s etc it was a big outlay. However other than the two blocks of soap base which weren’t expensive everything else will be able to be used to make a lot more than what we have here some bits may even last a long time as it has a very long shelf life. Next is the snack pack ingredients, these were about £30 not including our cupboard basics like Golden Syrup, flour, caster sugar etc.

Christmas Pampering Packs

So the homemade pamper pack includes:

For anyone who wants to know here are the recipes for each you can find them at the above links.

Going plastic-free!

Because this year we are going Plastic-free we will be making all the packets for each item except the cream which is being put into a small Glass Jar with a metal lid.

(Soap and bath bomb are in our template boxes all packets will be self stamped)

Finished pamper packs we replaced the paperclips keeping the foot soak closed by sewing them shut with natural twine and then tying it in bows like the bags themselves. We wanted to use tags made of pottery which could be hung on their trees as ornaments but decided to include these in the bags themselves wrapped so they didn’t get damaged and made tags out of a mixture of card. (from packaging we kept because it was pretty)

Jessica was in charge of the card boxes again made from card leftovers from crafting projects. All in all I am so proud with how Jessica has carefully chosen the best boxes and bag techniques for each item.

Hopefully by the end of today we will have all the packets made and the bags made up ready to move onto the homemade goodies tomorrow onwards.

The munches bag will contain:

So as our Families boys arent so pamper keen we made alternative treat bags for them. In these we added:

Edit: 2021: I will slowly add up the recipes again on individual posts please bare with me while I continue to update the site and it’s posts.