Been a busy old week.

Monday – I work kids potter with their nana they worked from their books as normal.

Tuesday – Pottery

Followed by warm drink and cake at the little cafe in Nunney (Moat and Turret highly recommend this lovely little cafe to anyone who comes to Nunney lithe owners are lovely)

Then Emily wanted to “check” on Nunney castle (because you know how many 13th century castle ruins like to wonder off without a goodbye ????)

Once we got home Emilys new reading books had arrived so she spent most of her time reading them until Lysa came with Chloe (a fellow home edder who is tutored by Lysa and now emilys little friend)

Then it was off to music lessons for Tom and Jess, Cubs for Emily.

Wednesday- shopping followed by Home ed group today, that was followed by Clare and family popping in before we all headed off to music lessons for Emily and the boys.

Thursday – went to toms review to find out it had been re arranged so headed home again jessica then had Paul followed by lunch on the run while picking Granny up and bringing her home, then Lysa and Clare, stu, elessa and the Boys popped in.

Friday – nothing really to report work out of workbooks with granny.

Saturday- took granny home before making lunch and then on to Grading with tom for his first Tai Twon Do Grading.

We find out results Tuesday after back duncan did some bits for his mum and dad before family dinner and bed

Sunday – today we’ll we bite the bullet and spent the day catching up with washing and housework kids helped, Duncan fixed toms door and re hung Jessica’s (wasn’t fitted properly by old owners when new carpet laid so bottom hinge cracked the door frame just been waiting to find the time to fix it)

As our family Sunday tradition since mum and dad (Nana & Grandad) moves closer we cooked and had a lovely roast with parents.

Kids then played for a while (Emily read her new books) and bathed and bed after a game of monopoly with new made up rules! (Rules designed to allow tom and jess to win and Duncan and I to loose lol)

So that’s it nearly time to get out of the bath before I shrivel into a prune and bed to start all over again tomorrow ????