An other busy week

Monday was a work day for so girls didn’t do much as they were with their nanna

Tuesday we had pottery

followed by shopping and collection of a new rabbit hutch!

We put together the rabbits new cage while

Emily was sat with Lysa doing her work (yep an other one darling little Fawn chews through them at an alarming rate really lol)

Wednesday we went to parent carers council where Emily played with some of her friends, then went to home ed group, from their to trampolining for Clare’s boys before music lessons and home for dinner

We also had car issues which reduced our time more than we could afford.

Thursday I was child free as Emily and Jessica went to stay at Clare’s from Wednesday evening so naturally I got bored and moved the house around they were all back in time for Lysa in the afternoon and jess went back with Clare.

And the turtle tank light decided to die ???? (know what they say doesn’t rain it pours lol)

Friday well I got up and went as usual to drop tom to college and then go to work to find out it was my day off! So went back home and then went to Salisbury with my mum and Emily instead.

Emily also found the joys of incense sticks while we wondered around Salisbury so naturally once home she had to give one a go.

Saturday Emily had her first violin lesson and absolutely loved it she hasn’t stopped practicing yet

Sunday well today it’s a normal Sunday roast with grandparents ???? hoping Mr Brown will finish putting up shelves and the guitar and violin hangers we have brought to help keep them safe but not holding my breath he’s still getting over the Christmas rush.