well I have purposely separated the weekend so this is just for the Monday to Friday because A we didn’t do much I spent most of the week backwards and forwards to nurse and dentist and its half term so not much on.

Emily still at Clare’s and I was feeling a little better so decide to try and spring clean the dining room didn’t go well did manage to sort a few things out but took all day just to do one corner I was so slow and then kids walked to the shop and I finished room off just about and when they got back I slept again on the sofa and they watched stuff on the dining room TV, Duncan was home again early and I again went off to bed and was asleep by 6 pm.

I woke and headed slowly to my Dentist appointment to a confirmation that I do indeed have a wisdom tooth growing up through and destroying the other wisdom tooth both with bent roots in different directions so its going to be a hospital job to remove, but she did some repair work to the teeth also being damaged by my appalling diet (living on 1.5 litres bottles of cherry coke a week and fruit smoothies bulked with powered vits and minerals isn’t great for teeth so had to have a filling done in my defence the same tooth they should have done 2 years ago before my dentist left and I forgot about it lol)

so then to nurse to be given a lecture about my diet (again) asthma review and the old your jaw is in bad shape and wanting me on a liquid diet normal spill we might have fallen out lol then home for Emily coming home.

I had Clares boys while she and Stu went to look at some houses and had a lovely afternoon playing Minecraft with Connor while Jamie and Emily played and hotdogs all round.

was a good girl and drank my skanky Complan as the agreed compromise with the nurse.

Benny had the groomers and while I was there Janet stayed with kids for the dishwasher repairman. not good news another week without it. we then went to the music shop for music lessons and as we had booked the practice room for Julie to help Emily with violin Practice and teach me what I need to know to help her at home (thinking I may have to get my own as I am too awkward to help her really!) and then home for Minecraft again (it’s a great tool for keeping Emily’s bum on a seat while I sleep lol)

1st day feeling better but asthma really bad so another appointment booked for Friday (I don’t do ill often but when I do my body really likes to go all out!) did some catching up with finances and correspondence sorting emails from scouts, home ed groups etc and then Duncan and I decided we could really do with a weekend away from home so we spent some time that night booking up where to go and stay and potential things to do.

nurse first thing put on steroids (no surprise was kind of expecting it) and we got the house tidied, washing washed, dried and away, buried Remmy and packed bags and did a few trips to the tip sorting “our” side of the garden out (Duncan is fully expected to sort “his” next friday and has been told ANY wood visible from windows will be taken to the tip the following Tuesday ha ha ha)

kids all bathed and in bed and happily went to bed early!