Monday: work as normal kids were with Nana not entirely sure what they did as to be truthful have been so busy of late filling this out two weeks later ????.

Tuesday: we popped into Longleat with nana and did their Easter egg trail.

Wednesday: Easter event for the Westbury Parents Carers council. Older two helped out Thomas stayed with the tortoises and over saw the handling of them while jessica helped out on the sand art and sensory bottles. Emily did a little bit of everything and played with faith and Mia.

Thursday: the kids had some friends over the lovely Harvey and Faith.

Boys spent their time on game console and trampoline. While the girls did a little soap making, made some cakes, played on the switch and PlayStation and in the garden on the trampoline both with and without the boys. I had the engineer out for our dishwasher.

Friday: I was at work as normal and kids were with their dad as it was bank holiday they spent the day in the garden finishing the tidying ready for the warmer weather.

Saturday: after music lessons, we went to Stourhead for our last Easter egg hunt of the year.

On route home we decided to pop into lakeside garden Center and feed the ducks.

Sunday: Easter Day we had as every Sunday the grandparents over for Easter dinner.

Tom and Jess decided they wanted to eat there’s in the garden ????