Monday: work for me and duncan and the kids finished the garden

Tuesday: well this was a very strange day for us. Emily worked with Lysa to make her tinker crate. We didn’t really do much and just chilled.

Wednesday: first day of a lot of changes for us it’s going to be a bumpy few months for us really and spent most of the day pacing waiting for answers but we continued as normal and kids had a great time at music lessons and Thomas got himself a new guitar.

Thursday: Jessica had Paul come and she did her work with him and Nadine popped in for a computer lesson as I help her learn how to use different programmes on the computer, then in the evening Clare came and we had Jamie while Connor had his drum lessons. Then Emily and Jess went home with Clare.

Friday: work as normal after work duncan and I both went to collect Tom and came home to the girls being here. Slightly uneventful day on the whole.


I took Jessica to her drum lessons Emily didn’t have violin as her teachers little one was poorly so she stayed home with daddy, when we got home we put dinner on as grand parents were over today so we could go and see the new avengers movie Sunday. So we ate dinner and chatted about future plans over dinner.

Sunday: Emily spent the day with Nanna and grandad at theirs and we took Tom and Jess to Eastleigh to watch the avengers Endgame.

That was all we did we came home and pretty much went straight to bed.