Monday – Work as normal Emily went to the office with Duncan where she learned to Floss.

Tuesday: dishwasher repair man AGAIN still not working!

Emily had Lysa come she did some English then for Maths went shopping for pre chosen activities.

We also got the news that we were off to the new Village in Ireland ????


Weekly shop turned up but the changes didn’t take effect so we had to go shopping!

On route back we brought some “unicorn” tetras (golden terras) for tank and on the condition Emily really gave Dave her stand in teacher a good shot.

She did amazingly with Dave and is happy to have him again “only if Charlotte or Martin are away” we also picked up a violin for me (well full size for Emily when she’s big enough and for me to help her practice in the meantime)


More music making up lessons for Emily and an IT lesson with me for Nadine.

Then we strip cleaned duncans desk

He also seemed to gain an extra monitor ????

Then Clare came and dropped Jamie off while Connor had his drum lessons.

We then were harassed by the turtles ???? into cleaning their tank out.

Friday: work for me duncan at home with kids the long awaited ending arrived and a first Thomas got his first job!! Volunteering at a local charity shop so we took them out for a congratulations/ new beginnings meal at Pizza Hut.

Duncan is officially a man of leisure (well for a little R&R before job hunting begins in August!


New drums, music again and cuckoo fair today!


Art at Huntington Gallery