First week of both girls using a brought Curriculum we went with one from Structured Home learning for both of them this year, last year Emily had one and got on well with it so this year with the changes we have had within the way our family unit works we decided to get Jess one too.

We are still trying to find the best way to home ed while both working full time but we are both giving it our all it has been less out and about and more structured learning but that’s ok too we will eventually find a way that works again we are still early days but we will get there.

For now my days off are spilt between catch ups on their Curriculums and music lessons and housework but we need to find a way around it somehow.

So today I am sat with the girls trying to get them to do their work Jess is working like a trouper but Emily is being abrasive and wasting time (probably because I’m updating the blog) so many changes have surrounded our family that in the grand scheme of things we are doing incredibly well but it’s hard going and we are making a lot of wrong turns to try and find the best way for everyone’s needs.

But however hard finding time and getting things right is at the moment it will get better because with everything we try that doesn’t work will help us find a way that does as has always been the case.