Monday 24th Feb Girls completed cards with their nanna we didn’t do any extras once I got home as I got home late due to a group activity after lodges.

Tuesday 25th Feb today the girls did their normal English and maths in the morning and then in the afternoon we did Emilys atlas crate covering Morocco and learning about some of their customs while also completing he activities in the crate

We also went out for Pancakes!

Wednesday 26th February: today Jessica has her Art course doing mono printing while Emily and I found ourselves running around like headless chickens taking Benny to his groomers and picking and dropping off Jess, taking dad to collect his car from the garage and dropping Duncan some lunch before ending the day at Emily’s music lesson.

Thursday 27th February by today my mouth was again in pain and so girls did their work online and we had a rather easy-going day for them.

Friday 28th February as usual, Friday is granny’s day and I wasn’t at work but instead at an appointment about my mouth the girls did a little bit of work but to be honest, they say was a bit of a wipeout all around.

Saturday 29th February well today Jessica and Tom went to music but Emily stayed home she wasn’t feeling well. Duncan and I found ourselves replacing a shed roof in between hail downpours and strong winds.

My new kit also showed up and I made between the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning a new phone case for my phone out of the leather and tools I had just acquired.

Sunday 1st March today the girls all chilled out at home with Duncan while I went to work so my brother could take my nephew in for his birthday with a couple of friends.