Monday 2nd March today was the girls last day doing crafts with Nanna until she gets back from her trip to France at the end of March I believe they made birthday cards for Duncan.

Tuesday 3rd March

Today we had a rather normal day doing our English and maths as normal before kids being allowed some free time in the afternoon.

We did how ever end up with a little helper join us

Wednesday 4th March again not much to report really online maths and English followed by some food shopping and free time.

Thursday 5th March today Paul came to do his normal session with Jessica and to help Tom with his exam study ready for his exam next week. Emily spent some time helping me with some leatherwork she made herself a collar for her dog woof and a coaster for her daddy’s birthday.

Friday 6th March granny’s day and they spend it house hunting as mum is looking to move closer.

Saturday 7th March same old music lessons in the morning catch up school work, then free time.

Sunday 8th March lazy day chilling I made Emily a purse.

Emily with her new purse.