spark notes – English lit this website has a whole host of books and study guides for them a host of information to help children not only better understand parts that they may not have fully understood but also revise the story and characters. It also has quizzes to ensure they fully understand the book these can be either by chapter or the book as a whole and also offers essay help on the book including suggested topics, as well as help in how to Write Literary Analysis and finally an example essay and help with citing the website in their essay.

futurelearn – a whole selection of online courses at varying levels and varying lengths.

seneca learning – KS2 up limited free options but quite a reasonable price for the paid resources at £12.99 a month (paid annually) for the cheapest price of the most expensive option for what they have on offer it is well worth the investment to help your child reach good grades in their chosen exams (this price does not include the exam price just covers all the extensive revision information within the site a great way to strengthen weaknesses within the overall knowledge they would need to achieve good grades.

blockly games – computer science and coding website it’s kind of game-based with levels that get more in-depth as you progress if you follow it from the start but you can start from any point.

big history project – history and science-related projects start at the beginning with the big bang and make your way through the different chapters each covering a different part of the creation of the world to modern times and looking forward.

world geography games – geography-based games and quizzes a fantastic resource for all ages

geography pods – KS3 up geography. This is a more in-depth website which is geared around GCSE’s a lot more than the one listed above. It has a mass of information and also provides work which is strongly based on the syllables found in geography exams.

mr bruff – English found on youtube also has books and podcasts

Science Video Courses – 3 options each £60 online courses covering all of KS2, KS3 (AQA) and IGCSE (Edexcel) Science (biology, chemistry and physics) I haven’t used these but am considering getting Emily the key stage 2 and Jess the KS3 packages and seeing what it’s like will update if we do choose to spend out on them.

S-cool– I think this site may be kids helping kids it is a little like being stuck in your child’s head with a faint basic form of structure that makes sense in a way but not by any means the most efficient way, it is certainly colourful, to say the least, but there is a fair amount of information within the site and I have added it here for Jessica to access. my only concern is that it does have a few hidden adverts about cheaper sim only deals with them etc and has links to pay for study material as well (mojo).

Study wise