We have had a great Fun packed Week this week. March is always such a great time of year with the starts of new life popping up.

Monday 9th:

Today for most of it I was at work and Emily was in the hands of her nanna. Nanna can’t get emily to do her school work so after work I do it with her.

It was also her first time with a new music lesson slot. Saturdays were too busy and noisy for Emily so we have fitted her in on Mondays instead.

Tuesday 10th:

Today we did our school work.

We were using some of the fantastic resources in the Atlas crate today.
In the Germany box was a book of a few short versions of the Brothers Grimm stories.

These stories were missing words. Using the dice based on the colour coded gaps, Emily would roll the dice and what ever word appeared on the dice went into the gap. This was great fun and really made us chuckle.

It was then of to Thomas’ college to watch his play. after this we headed out to collect the girls finished pottery pieces.

Wednesday 11th:

Jessica had her Art class with Emily Middleton. Jessica wanted to learn to get there independently so with help from Emily, we have been working on that.

Today she travelled along via Train! Duncan dropped her to the station in Warminster where she got onto the train, she stayed on and a conductor on the train was good enough to ensure she got off and didn’t forget. she made her way without issue to the station at Bradford-on-Avon, where her tutor Emily was waiting for her.

Meanwhile, Emily and I were headed to Western-Super-Mare. Here Emily was booked on to an ancient Egypt event. To read more about this event you can find the post here.

Once we had finished and had a look around the museum, we went straight to collect Jessica. As typical with me when taking a route I have doon before but first time alone we were nearly late. I may have got into the wrong lane at a confusing section of road. This may have caused a slight detour into wales 🤣.

After collecting Jessica by this time being a little closer to call by a couple of hours than we should have been. We popped home just in time to pick up instruments and then heading to Emily’s guitar and piano lessons.

Thursday 12th:

Today I had my appointment with the Wiltshire autistic diagnostics service. I am so special you see I get to go through 2 Autism assessments in my life 😉.

We lost about 2 hours with that appointment but eventually I made it back home for Pauls arrival.

After their lessons with Paul, They got out the Mel science kit and got stuck into fake snow! you can read read about this experiment here.

They played with this for hours before putting it in a box to play with later lol

Friday 13th:

Friday’s are granny’s days. My mum is looking for a new home so the girls went around to view a few houses with her. They didn’t like any of the ones my mum went to look at today. Apparently they were all ‘odd’ houses according to Emily.

she completely couldn’t get over the fact there was No stairs.

They didn’t do any school work today as I worked late. However they had fun looking at the houses with granny. Although Emily’s decided her idea of not letting daddy have his shed and moving her into it instead is the only real option.


I hit burnout over the weekend. Due to this mum stayed the weekend to help out as I was home alone.

We didn’t get up to much at all,

Emily spent most of the weekend listening to Sherlock Holmes on Audible.

Jessica went out with the young Carers for the day Saturday.

Thomas walked her to her meeting point for me and then chilled in his room.

I spent the day Saturday catching up with the family journals.

Sunday we all chilled in our relevant holes (what we call our chill-out spaces) watching TV, listening to stories, playing computers or a mixture and ended the day with a family movie and popcorn.

Being autistic it is important to ensure you don’t over step your boundaries and when we see the signs we maybe we always take time to decompress in the way each of us needs. this is much easier now the children are older.

Duncan was away on training all weekend for scouts and only came home to make a mess and join in with movie evening lol.