Help with Kick Starting Primary Children In English? if so you have come to the right place. Links for other subjects can be found here.

Kick Starting Primary children in English for free.

phonics play this wonderful company has never been used by me but are offering their services for free this March! (Lockdown 3 and FREE again!) That alone will not be moving them from the top even though normally they are a paid for programme.

Starfall– Free online Phonics Fun and Learning to read fun

TopMarks – Appears to be free!
This is one of the sites I am most looking forward to getting the girls on especially Emily. It has three age categories in English 3-5 years, 5-7 and 7 – 11years Maths also has an 11-15 years available.

It would possibly be too young for most children Jessica’s age. So couldn’t say the English section would suit all KS3 Students.
I would use the 7-11 as a fun way to refresh learning depending on the child in question.
As for Emily, what is offered here is easy enough for her to understand even if it introduces something new.

First School Years – Free literacy work Sheets, Flashcards,

ABC Teach – Free Printables on loads of different subjects

Lesson Tutor – Free Printables a little of a faff to find but worth a look

Free Phonics Worksheets – is full of free phonics printables

funfonix – free phonics worksheets and even a worksheet builder which allows you to come up with your own sheets you can adapt to your own child’s needs.

Super Teacher – fantastic website their Phonics worksheets are amazing and the kids loved them.

BBC bitesize wide selection of curriculum based activities and games

Roy – A fantastic link for printables I have used most of their sentence building ones and go back to this site time and time again.

Turtle Diary – Free
This is based on an American education layout so watch out for the usual differences in language. Also keep eye out for the Zed/Zero and £/$ differences in the maths and science games.
I have always told mine to ignore any money games on American sites for this reason.
This site covers a magnitude of different subjects:
Typing games.
All using the American schooling system from Kindergarten to 5th grade.
I am also excited to see multiplayer games as an option.
I wont lie the information they ask to access when linking with your google account stopped me opening an account.
Not having an account hasn’t stopped me accessing the games, if this remains so I won’t get one. If it turns out an account is beneficial I make one.

Funbrain – Free
This website offers a selection of games, books and videos.
Not all is educational so maybe save this for the end of your child’s day. It is useful as an easy transition from learning to for fun.
It is a nice little website. I do however I highly recommend you look at it first especially for younger children.
Again it is based on the American education system and caters from pre Kindergarden to 8th Grade

Sparklebox – The Original place to source worksheets similar to Twinkl.
Sparklebox was the first resource we had. It launched in 2006, 2 years prior to us starting to home educate. Nearly the whole site is completely free.

Learning games for kids – free
This is a bit of an odd collection of games on various subjects. Emily enjoys pottering on this one and I add it to her list for her last. Being Autistic this link aides as a natural progression from work to free time.

Activity Village – mainly for younger children but some activities some older ones may enjoy everything from educational to fun.

Jump Start – younger child aimed English, Maths and reading online and also apps (I don’t know if this is fully free and the apps didn’t exist when mine used it and they are now too old so sorry don’t have much on it with the new changes but my guys used to use it for free and loved the games)

Puffin – puffin books offer a changing range of activities based on popular children’s books this was a favourite site of Thomas when he was younger.

Sparklebox-Free printable activity sheets, star Charts, Activity Books, Alphabets etc

Starfall– Free online Phonics Fun and Learning to read fun

First School Years – Free literacy work Sheets, Flashcards,

ABC Teach – Free Pintables on loads of different subjects

Free Phonics Worksheets – is full of free phonics pintables also has some free maths worksheets too!

Roy – A fantastic link for printable’s I have used most of their sentence building ones and go back to this site time and time again.

Super Teacher – fantastic website their Phonics worksheets are amazing and the kids loved them.

Have Fun Teaching – another fantastic website full of lots of great worksheets

Garden of Praise– this is a bible-based spelling course.

Zaner Bloser– This site also has a Spanish version which the children had a little fun with but the free English resources although more limited than when we first started using them for tom has reduced they are still great ideas to help young children learn to enjoy writing.

Aaa Spell -Spelling lists to help improve your child’s spelling.

Maths worksheets for kids English worksheets for free

everyschooluk– covers a range of subjects

Tot play blog– A blog I found and at the time offered not only some great links but also had some useful ideas on it.

Busy teacher – this has some very useful print offs on it and I used a couple for Thomas and Jessica. I also have a feeling this may be the sort of site I will find info on for other subjects and possibly ideas of what to do next.

Puffin – my son found this and loves it so thought I would add it is done by a publisher it children to the official pages of their favourite author’s books to encourage children to enjoy books from the quick glance I got before will look properly in a bit and update

Khan Academy – fantastic free online classes and programmes completely free and goes from basic all the way up to complicated maths.

soft schools – not all of the links here are suitable for beginners but lots are.

File folder fun – Free printable games for different ages and subjects as with most sites with this layout they take some working out but if you follow the page down they are there and once printed cut out and laminated they are very good and fun activities. – primary

Paid sites with limited free

Twinkl – Free limited access or £9.99 per month (annual options available) What list would be complete without Twinkl? again this is an option that has been there since early on in our journey.
They offer:
Lapbook projects
Wall Displays
Lesson plans
Resource packs
I will admit probably a lot more asides and they are UK based!! they cover all Key stages too!

All about learning press – a paid-for package but also offers samples and some useful ebooks with hints and tips on helping your little one learn to read

Spelling City – Offers Free items but also paid for.
We haven’t taken this out and I explain why below.
In the few days I have been looking at it, the price has gone from 40$ to 100$
When I first looked for full access to their original site they were asking 39.95$. Now they want 100$ for 1/4 of the bits previously available and is located on a new site here.
They do have access to a selection of Free recourses still here
I don’t actually think these are “free” as the moment you try to access them it tries to force the 14 day trail!
They are now also Charging extra still, for what was previously available inclusive of the older lower rate.
For these reasons we won’t be looking any further. – Limited access free or 15$ a month or 99$ for annual membership
We have used these since 2009! back then you could buy a lifetime membership which we did. They were one of the only online resources at the time. They are again based on the American Educational system and run from pre kindergarden to grade 6.
It has a full range on offer from video’s, worksheets and lesson plans.
I am really not sure what the free account is able to do.
As a member we can:
Create child profiles.
Allocate work for them.
Save, download and print worksheets
Progress profile for the children.
Personally I do still find it useful to test the girls progress.

Night ZooKeeper – 7 days free trail then £46.99 (just noticed this is a discounted price) for a years membership.
This website states for 6 years plus. It seem to specialise in creative writing, including grammar skills and building a decent vocabulary.
It works like a computer game where they have levels to complete. Each level gives them achievements and opens up new opportunities to buy or draw and design their own animals.
I have started the 7 day trail for my Emily who loves to write stories.
normally her stories are about the amazing animals in her Fact cards. So it will be interesting to see if her animals divert from her cards or not.

IXL – Annual cost we paid was £119 price may have changed. Our renewal for next month is still set for this price.
We have had a membership with these since February 2020.
My Children go back and forth to this. They do a little each day, as part of the less fun independent learning choices. Despite this it is on their daily goal list to do 3 English and 2 maths of their choice. Touch wood they never moan and do complete their goals.
Emily loves collecting the stickers. For me it is very helpful at ensuring you are covering all areas of English and Maths.

Spelling frame – £10 a year per student.
We have decided to pay for this and give it a go.
Both girls have had a go. Jessica has had a play while helping Emily, as well as being set her up with a list.
The games so far seem to keep them engaged. To be honest for this price It is worth a go.
Even if it doesn’t keep them entertained for long it would be the sort of thing they would do daily. There are plenty of fun spelling apps for younger children but this is brilliant for older.

All about learning Press – paid for package but also offers samples and some useful ebooks with hints and tips on helping your little one learn to read