We have been doing exciting experiments with rainbows this afternoon. These experiments all came in her letterbox labs explore box 1:hidden rainbows. Available here and also listed in our postal activity box post here.

Unboxing her Letterbox Lab.

* Camera Died so we will upload the Unboxing Video once charged tomorrow

Fun with felt tips

Her first experiment from her kit is with the ink in felt tipped pens, water and salt.

She added the salt to some tap water and shook it until it mixed, she then drew lines on chromatography paper. And placed this in the water.

Emily waiting for her first experiment to work. holding two pieces of the chromatography paper into the saline solution.
Emily waiting for the experiment to work. Experiment 1 Letterbox Labs Explore box 1.

Experiment 2: The mystery of the disappearing Skittles!

Emily was so excited to find skittles in the box, not so much when they weren’t for eating 😂.

She still did the experiment which this time meant putting the skittles into the salt water solution for 2 minutes then drawing a dot on her chromatography paper to see what happens to the colours on the skittles.

Results of Experiment 1 and the newly created experiment 2.
Experiment 2: Emily’s disappearing Skittles

She then stood them in the salt water just like the pen lines and here are the results. (At this point the remaining Skittles were safe in their bag.)

Here you can see the results from all of Emily's saline solution experiments.
Experiment 2.1 is the X you can see in this picture. This is made from the water the Skittles was sat in.

The longer we left the pen lines the more colours appeared so we have marked it to check again later to see if the Skittles do the same.

Experiment 3: The mysterious magic Glasses!

This picture shows Emily colouring in her Magic glasses.
Experiment 3: amazing magic glasses by the famous designer Emily 🥸

Emily was already enjoying her exciting experiments with rainbows but this one she really enjoyed.
This experiment consisted of designing your own “magic” glasses. She loves these they break up light. Allowing the wearer to be able to see the rainbow 🌈 of colours within the light source.

She went running off all over the house to check all our lights worked. Poor google struggled to keep up with her as soon as one rooms light was on she was asking for the next to be turned on.

Skittle update: still there 😜

Now here is where the Skittles found time to escape!

Emily returned from running around the house and started to read through the next experiment.

Now here is where the magic happened while I walked away for 2 seconds. Emily and the skittles disappeared! All that remained was the packet! Emily reappeared from under the table having “dropped” the spinner for the next experiment. I asked about the empty packet of skittles. She looked like this 😱! She was clearly innocent of charge! We never did discover the missing Skittles.

Emily’s hypothesis is that they ran away after watching the torture of their 5 brethren with the theft of their clothes and then disposal of their “bodies” in the pit of doom!

I think this will just be a mystery forever more 😉.

Experiment 4: Super Spinner art fun!

This one was the quickest but she went on to play with the spinner for some time after too. I think that spinner maybe seen quite a bit in the next few days.

Emily had a great time with these. We will definitely be ordering more.