Help with Kick Starting Secondary Children In Maths? if so you have come to the right place. Links for other subjects can be found here.

Help with Kick Starting Secondary Children In Maths

TES – More fantastic worksheets, activities and teaching plans from TES. There is both paid for and free items found within this site so you may need to dig a little.

thomas whitham pdf – a useful PDF to download on Algebra. –  this gives you a wide range of different problems to challenge your Mathlete.

Skills Workshop – another good site especially for older children and would do older secondary or even 16+ Children.

ABC Teach – I really like this site it has everything this link takes you to the core subjects page the Health comes under science but this website is fantastic for whatever you are doing.

Busy teacher – this has some very useful print offs on it and I used a couple for Thomas and Jessica. I also have a feeling this may be the sort of site I will find info on for other subjects and possibly ideas of what to do next. – some very good mental health ones for current covid situation for older children

BBC – has everything you come to expect from the BBC with facts, ideas and much much more.

soft schools – not all of the links here are suitable for beginners but well worth keeping the link.

Skills Workshop – older child (GCSE up) lessons for English literature and Maths

Ed Helper – A fantastic range of different printable worksheets. for Primary ages

Skills Workshop – older child (GCSE up) lessons for English literature and Maths

Maths Aids – more free maths for nearly all ages

Lesson Tutor – Free Printables and Lesson Plans, advice and Help

Paid with limited trials/ free items

Seneca learning – KS2 up limited free options but quite a reasonable price for the paid resources at £12.99 a month (paid annually) for the cheapest price of the most expensive option for what they have on offer it is well worth the investment to help your child reach good grades in their chosen exams (this price does not include the exam price just covers all the extensive revision information within the site a great way to strengthen weaknesses within the overall knowledge they would need to achieve good grades.

mr bruff – English found on youtube also has books and podcasts (older kids)

S-cool– I think this site may be kids helping kids it is a little like being stuck in your child’s head with a faint basic form of structure that makes sense in a way but not by any means the most efficient way, it is certainly colourful, to say the least, but there is a fair amount of information within the site and I have added it here for Jessica to access. my only concern is that it does have a few hidden adverts about cheaper sim only deals with them etc and has links to pay for study material as well (mojo). (older children)

IXL ok so there is a full range of free activities but it is very limited and is really also paid for a resource to be able to fully make the most of it priced at the moment (March 2020) as follows £7.99 a month for a single subject (English or Maths) 12.99 for double or annually £59 single £99 double subject for full access