Help with Kick Starting Secondary Children In Science? if so you have come to the right place. Links for other subjects can be found here.

Kick Starting Secondary Science

TES – More fantastic worksheets, activities and teaching plans from TES.

Tinkercad – All kinds of making 3D designs, and coding

Crest Awards – Science awards you can complete from home, Also are priced so most home educators could afford them.

Mystery Science – Free science lessons (US based) – would be a great added resource to the Crest awards and maybe worth a visit prior to starting the crest awards.

soft schools – not all of the links here are suitable for beginners but well worth keeping the link.

Science Kids – a bit of fun for all ages

kwiznet– now paid for but offer a free trial so worth a look at may still have free resources but haven’t had the time to look around

Explain that stuff – haven’t tried this one but found it while looking for something for the group and looked good but again has experiments on it.

The Lab of MR Q – Free life science Information for older primary lower secondary Children

Science Bob – more experiments for children we love these sites and regularly use these site when planning science-based lessons

Kitchen Science – Exactly what it says it is.

S-cool– I think this site may be kids helping kids it is a little like being stuck in your child’s head with a faint basic form of structure that makes sense in a way but not by any means the most efficient way, it is certainly colourful, to say the least, but there is a fair amount of information within the site and I have added it here for Jessica to access. my only concern is that it does have a few hidden adverts about cheaper sim only deals with them etc and has links to pay for study material as well (mojo). (older children)

Lesson Tutor – Free Printables and Lesson Plans, advice and Help

NASA – As stupid as it seems this was actually one of the last places I looked. It was only because I put a post on one of my Facebook groups asking if anyone had any planet and space-related links they had found useful.

ABC Teach – I really like this site it has everything. This link takes you to the core subjects page.

BBC bitesize has everything you come to expect from the BBC with facts, ideas and much much more.

Ed Helper – A fantastic range of different printable worksheets. for Primary ages

Seneca learning – KS2 up limited free options but quite a reasonable price for the paid resources at £12.99 a month (paid annually) for the cheapest price of the most expensive option for what they have on offer it is well worth the investment to help your child reach good grades in their chosen exams (this price does not include the exam price just covers all the extensive revision information within the site a great way to strengthen weaknesses within the overall knowledge they would need to achieve good grades.